Strange Bedtime Stories

Cosmic Love.
Under Orion and the Sun.
On smoke and swirls.
We are made up of our own imagination.
We float.
Make love.
You and I.

Cosmic Love.

Under Orion and the Sun.

On smoke and swirls.

We are made up of our own imagination.

We float.


Make love.

You and I.

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sundayfree-deactivated20110205 said: medyo nabobo ako sa happily ever after ha. :) pero babasain ko ulit nang paulit ulit. para kasing may something sa istorya :)

totoong panaginip yun. hehe at magegets mo naman yung panaginip sa message ko sa babang part. :)

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Happy Ever After

Photo by: Jhoan Cobacha

I had a dream last night.

I dreamt of a small apartment.

It was old. 

The wall paint was almost gone.

And in the middle, was a big, rusty slide.

There were two others with me in the room.

Aleli, who stood beside the slide.

And JT, on the far end of the room.

I was about to take one long, cold and silent slide.

JT said: “good luck”.

And I took a puff on Aleli’s cigarette.

Then I slid away.

Ironically, Aleli doesn’t smoke in real life.

Just before I reached the bottom of that rusty slide, I felt my set of lower teeth.

They became instantly crooked after that first slide.

Then, I took another down ride.

And another.

And another.

And another.

And then finally, after my last one, my set of lower teeth went from crooked to gone.

All of them.

+ + +

Then I woke up.

It all made sense to me now.

How I lost my teeth. 

How the walls and that old apartment were old.

And why the slide.

+ + +

I remembered about an old local belief.

When you lose a tooth in your dream, someone will die, or had just died.

And this hit me.

She is really gone now.

+ + +

Aunt JC, I never knew you that much.

But I believe my Dad, your brother.

I believe him every time he tells me about you.

Lucas never knew of you.

But he will.

On how amazing you were.

On how generous and loving you were.

On how great you were.

So great.

So long.


Send us your love, a piece of your strength and God’s mercy on our birthdays.

Tell us one day what it’s like being up there.

This cold earth will always long for your warm heart.

You will always be remembered and missed.

You will always be loved.

You are now reaping what you have sowed.

Enjoy that happy place. 

More happiness awaits you.

sundayfree-deactivated20110205 said: kala ko si JV multo. Tae, yun pala, TV siya. Hehe. Maganda kung Toshi ginamit mo na name nun. TOSHIBA! Hehe. Pero medyo nakakatakot yung istorya ha. 4 thumbs up! kasama PAA!

salamat salamat! :D 

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sundayfree-deactivated20110205 said: yung Monophonic Lullabies nakaka antok. basta. parang may mga powers yung mga words dun na parang aantukin ka. Hehe

lol boring ba? :D hahaha! yun yung power niya! antukin ka!

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Innocence and Imagination

Illustration & Story by: Elli Austria

By: Disco Ratchet Zi

Case no. 1486422- Melvin Generoso, Male, 10 yrs old is admitted in the center last September 13 2002 and is suspected of having mental disorder, He murdered Smile Generoso, sister of the suspect/patient, test must be conducted immediately so that results may help in the on going trial.

Interview #9 (Doctor Perez and Melvin Generoso.)

Doctor Perez: Tell me Melvin what made you hurt your sister?

Melvin: Serves her right! She busted JV’s face pretty bad so I returned the favor, I hit her with mom’s figurine, I wanted her to tell JV sorry, but she wouldn’t, so I kept on hitting her.

Doctor Perez: Did you know that you hit her jaw which prevented her from talking and all she can do is scream?

Melvin: But I know she’s just faking it! She always does that! She always scream so I will get in trouble.

Doctor Perez: Trouble with whom? Your parents?

Melvin: Its just dad…. He keeps on saying that I should be nice to Smile and let my sister lend all my stuff, But she keeps on breaking them so I hit her and then dad hits me when she hears her cry and even if she is just faking her cries dad still wont listen and call me a liar.

Doctor Perez: So tell me who is JV?

Melvin: JV is my best friend; do you know where he is? Do you know what happened to him? Is he alright? Please mister I want to see him….PLEASE!

Evaluation: after last question the patient acted violently and was given sedatives to be controlled

Note: Patient is suffering from stress and some paranoia, more test should be conducted

Interview #15 (Doctor Perez and DetectiveJune)

Doctor Perez: so what happened?

Detective June: When we arrive at the house, after receiving a call from the neighbors, We heard some screams and some pounding sounds, when we got upstairs the suspect was pounding the face of the victim with a antic wooden figure, the screams we heard was coming from the suspect and its like a sadistic glee of some sort, we engaged and apprehended the suspect, he kept on yelling “Say sorry to JV!” “Say it!” The girl in the other hand, Sustained heavy injury which led to a fractured jaw and skull which later, led to her death due to loss of blood and oxygen.

Doctor Perez: is that so? Hmm…. Hey do you want to have lunch?

Detective June: well I suppose….

Doctor Perez: Great! Do you like pasta?

Detective June: um no….

Doctor Perez: Oh…. Well let’s go to Wendy’s then

Interview #30 (Doctor Perez and Mrs. Wendy Generoso)

Wendy Generoso: Melvin is a good boy, my baby is a good boy! Believe me he is a good boy! Please let me see my baby!

Doctor Perez: Please calm down madam! I’m just asking you these questions so we can help him, now, please calm down, breathe and slowly please answer the question

Wendy Generoso: well Melvin is a good boy

Doctor Perez: I know Mam you already made that clear earlier now please….

Wendy Generoso: Well he is a smart boy he was accelerated to grade 1 at the age of 4 and was accelerated to grade 3 at the same year but due to the age difference with the other kids, it became hard for him to make friends and those wretched kids keeps on picking on him, so that is when my husband and I decided that it was best to put him in a home school program, the teacher is one of our relative who teaches in a university. He didn’t go out that much he just stayed home and watched TV all he did was watch TV even in family reunion he would not go out he will be in his room. He will also eat in his room which got my husband angry, so he disciplines the boy.

Doctor Perez: does he do that regularly?

Wendy Generoso: yes mice are running around his room he might get sick

Doctor Perez: Ah…. Um I mean does your husband always discipline Melvin?

Wendy Generoso: Oh um…. I don’t know I’m always out going to casino and to my friends

Doctor Perez: is that so?… well thank you Mam, is there anymore you’d like to add

Wendy Generoso: Can I see my baby now?

Doctor Perez: I’m sorry Mam you can’t, but you’re daughter is in the funeral homes might want to see you; you could just see her instead….

Note: mother of patient is under stress may cause a breakdown, considering referral.

Interview # 48 (Doctor Perez and Mr. Peter Generoso)

Doctor Perez: So I heard that you hit Melvin is that true?

Peter Generoso: did my neighbors said that? Those filthy liars….

Doctor Perez: No sir, it was your wife now please sir just answer the questions…. Truthfully they may put you away for contempt if you don’t cooperate, I know this is hard, but please, if you could tell something about Smile

Peter Generoso: Okay, Smile was born when Melvin was 7, I know that the boy will be jealous so I decided to buy him a new TV and a new Playstation so he will not get all bummed with the coming of her new sister, My plan worked but with a draw back, Melvin wouldn’t come out of his room so I decided to get the Playstation, still the damn kid wouldn’t come out his room so I have no choice, I have to discipline the boy.

Doctor Perez: Do you know that you’re already committing child abuse?

Peter Generoso: Well do you know any other way I can do it and not spoiling my child?

Doctor Perez: Yes and its called talking sir….Any way thanks for you’re cooperation we will give you updates on the situation, in the mean time; try to talk to your wife and calm her down.

Note: Father of patient should be referred to anger management immediately.

Final Evaluation on case no. 1486422- patient went under extreme stress due to parental influence and environmental factor, the coming of a new sibling also made the patient feel threatened and given him fears that the attention he is getting will be lost, and regular beatings that was given by the father increased the stress on the patient, which also resulted in suppressed anger, developed delusions and paranoia. Evidence of this paranoia is having an imaginary friend, but not the typical type toddlers make, it was an inanimate object in the house, it was their Television which is of a JVC brand which later due to loneliness it was named JV by the patient, the patient should be transferred to my care and have a 4-5 year treatment. Also considering giving the parents some seminar and appointments.

Monophonic Lullabies

Illustration by: Emil Valdivia

Little monster could not sleep.

"I can’t sleep."

The little boy asked him what was wrong.

"What’s wrong?"

Little monster answered:

"Something’s bothering me."

The little boy asked what was bothering him:

"What’s bothering you?"

And the little monster said:

"Read the story again, i forgot how it ended."

The little boy asked which story it was:

"Which story?"

The little monster answered:

"The story where I woke up from a weird dream of black brick houses trashing the next door neighbor’s house with eggs and toilet paper.”

The little boy answered:

"Oh that! Okay, but you have to promise me you’ll sleep right after I tell you that story, it’s past your bedtime."

The little monster promised:


So the little boy got the book and started reading. 

"Once upon there was a little monster named Burko. One night, he had a dream. In his dream, he woke up inside a black-bricked house. He stepped outside and started throwing the neighbor’s house with pink eggs and long, endless, flying toilet paper."

The little monster was falling half asleep in the middle of the story. 

The little boy continued:

"Burko found a box full of jumping baby rockets. He threw them up in the air. The baby rockets flew up, up and away! He sang "come on aileen oh I swear what he means at this moment, you mean everythiiiiing..” and danced away through the night under the moonlight on the beach, smiling at the waves and the clouds and the stars, and fell asleep. And he lived happily ever after.”

Before the little boy could even finish the story, the little monster was already in a deep deep slumber. 

"Tomorrow, I’ll tell you the same story again. Good night, Burko."

Said the little boy.

sundayfree-deactivated20110205 said: Buti hindi Tagalog yung kwento mo tungkol kay Esthrya. Kakatakot pag pinabasa ko sa mga bata. Siguro matatakot na maglaro mga yun. Hehehe. Galing. Tapos as usual, kakaiba na naman yung pangalan nang bida. Esthrya. :)

hahah! lol bat mo kinikwento sa mga bata? baka bumaba ang sales ng barbie nyan dahil sayo. hahaha :p 

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Esthrya The Damned

Illustration by: Ray Piedra

"Happy birthday, sweetie!". 

Her mom greeted her excitedly. She’s got a present. And what a surprise, another lovely doll. Another one to add on to her seemingly never-ending collection.

"Thanks, mom! I love it! She’s the prettiest one I have now!"

This doll was different. She had a long black hair, with dark green eyes and wore the fanciest pink dress. She came with a tiny mirror. She went upstairs straight to her room and played with her new doll.

"I’m gonna name you Esthrya and you’ll be my best friend!", brushing her hair.

"Oh, you have a hair brush and a cute mirror." She took a look at herself in the mirror. "Do you want to see how you look like, Esthrya?"

She was playing, laughing and giggling with Esthrya as if the doll was real.
Her mom was right behind the door ajar. She smiled and walked away, content with seeing her daughter finally happy again.

She didn’t really have too many friends. She spent most of her time talking to her dolls, brushing their hair and just about anything if she wasn’t in school. And even if she was, she would bring with her at least one of her favorites. And now it would have to be Esthrya.

"What’s your new doll’s name?" asked her seatmate in English class.

"Her name’s Esthrya. My mom gave it to me on my birthday." 

"Oh. She’s lovely. I wish I had a doll like her." 

Her seatmate told the other girls how pretty Esthrya was and how she wanted to have one on her birthday, too. Almost all the girls in the class knew of Esthrya and they adored her.

"Mommy! My friends love Esthrya! One girl said she wanted to have the same doll on her birthday." she said, giggling.

"Wow! That’s wonderful, honey! You’re having so much fun with your new doll! I’m so glad you like it!" said her mom.

"Are you kidding me? I love it, mom! I love her! She’s my favorite! Her hair and eyes are so pretty!"

"But finish your homework and dinner first before you play with her, alright?"

"Yes, mom." she answered back.

So again, she went up to her room, shut the door and instead of drowning herself with textbooks, she played tea with Esthrya. 

"Would you like another cup of tea?", long pause… "and then you say: yes, please. That is how you ask for tea, Esthrya." laughing.

She and Esthrya went on like this for weeks. Mom thought it was somewhat a good thing to see her daughter at least be happy even if she wasn’t playing with other little girls outside. What mattered was that her daughter was happy.

But in a not-so-faraway kingdom, somebody was not happy at all. Somebody was infuriated about having Esthrya as the new favorite.

Someone envied her. And this somebody wanted to punish her for being the brand new favorite.

This someone lived close enough to Esthrya and the little girl.

She lived on top of the little girl’s drawer. 

She was another doll named Alicia. All the other dolls in their world used to envy Alicia. She had long red hair, her legs were perfect and she had deep black eyes unlike the usual ones which were brown or hazelnut.

She used to be the little girl’s favorite. They always had an afternoon tea (which was fake anyway) and a lot of the other girls in her class also wished they had a doll just like hers.

But that was before the little girl’s birthday. Now everything has changed. Now, she’s just going to be one of the neglected dolls inside a dusty chest. Forgetten. 
"This can’t happen to me! If I won’t be her favorite, then no one’s ever will!" Alicia said with all madness and hatred. She hated Esthrya. She hated the fact that Esthrya even existed. And she greatly hated the idea of the little girl forgetting about her because of the new comer. It just wasn’t how the world should go. 

Ever since Esthrya came into the little girl’s life, Alicia was knocked out helpless just like that. But she had a plan. A very auspicious plan for her, she thought.
It was pure evil.

"No Alicia! You can’t do it!" said one of the forgotten dolls.

"The little girl has been selfish all this time, forgetting all of us has been her biggest mistake ever. She deserves the punishment, Alicia." opposed another.

One day, the little girl was in her bedroom playing with Esthrya when her mom called her for supper. She went down but didn’t bring Esthrya with her. Strange. But it was just the perfect moment for Alicia.

"Now’s the time, girls", evil Alicia said.

She started casting a spell, a voodoo chant she learned from her mother way back when. She started humming an unusual and spooky sound, versed a series of words that the other dolls could not understand but knew was dangerous for somebody being casted upon.

"Stop it, Alicia!" said the other doll, begging. But she was freakishly unstoppable. Nobody actually dared to stop her.

They heard the little girl yelling Esthrya’s name from outside the room, she was excited to get back and play with her new doll again.

"Now’s the right time, Alicia", said the other doll with a smirk on her plastic face.
"Esthryaaaaa…" the little girl yelled.

"Esss.." she stopped. Her heart stopped. She was too horrified to see her room so dark only her music box making a sound from nowhere. 

"Esthrya? Where are you? Why is it so dark in here?" said the little girl, her voice quivering. 

Suddenly, a loud bang from her back came. Her door shut. She tried to scream her mom’s name but no voice was coming out of her mouth. It was like the world was on mute. 

Alicia continued chanting, raising her voice higher and higher and screamed. 
After a one whole long minute of silence, the little girl awoken. Everything around her was glistening, shining as if she were in a different place, like in a fantasy world, just like how her mom used to describe in her stories before she’d go to bed with Esthrya.

Esthrya. Where was she?

"Hello, my dear. Missed me?" said Alicia to the little girl.

"Where am I? Who are y… Alicia? Why are you talking? How can.. How is this even possible? Where am I?" the girl said with all disbelief. It could not be happening, could it?

"Everything’s for real, little girl. This is where you belong now. With us. And Esthrya? Stop looking for her, you’re inside her body now." Alicia said, laughing with all evilness. 

"Why did you do this to me?? Mommy!!!" 

"Your screams are useless, no one can hear you from that side of your world now. You’ll be here with us, forever." 

"Why did you do this?" Tears started pouring out from her pretty green eyes.

"We used to be best friends, remember? What happened to us? Ever since that Esthrya came everything just became different and aweful! How could you just forget about us? We were all your best friends!"

"I did’nt know you’d feel this way, Alicia."

"Well now you do. And you deserve this. Don’t worry, I’m still going to be your best friend, your secret will be safe with me. No one will know you’re here with us", her eyes were almost grinning madly, amusingly massive as well.

"But I don’t want to be here! I want to be with my mom! With my real friends, in the real world!"

"You don’t have any friends! We are your only friends! I killed Esthrya and replaced her as you so we could all be together from now on! That way, you wouldn’t have to trade us for anyone new. Isn’t that lovely, my dear?"

"But how did you do this?!"

"I learned it from my mother. My mother was once a witch. Before I became a doll, I was a pretty girl just like you. One night, two strangers went into our home to steal things from us and we caught them. They tried to kill us but before they could kill my mother, she casted a spell on me so that I become my own doll and so nobody could hurt me from that day forward. It was the most disgusting thing that’s ever happened to me but I knew my mother did it because she loved me. I assume it was for my own good. But seeing real girls like you made me envy. And every time this jealousy in me grows, the more I want other girls to become just like me. And I’ve had it with you! I envied you for being a real pretty girl and for having a mother. But you just had to rub it in our faces how neglected we’d become every time a new doll comes into your life. Well all that’s over now. You should be happy I did not kill you."

"Just kill me then! I’d rather die than be like any of you!"

"No. We want you to be with us. Just like us. Forever. Dolls don’t die. We just stay like this for the rest of our little damned lives."

The music from the music box was the saddest thing she remembered after what had happened. It was also the last lovely thing she’ll ever hear after her mom’s I love you on that night.

They called her Esthrya from that moment on.

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